I’ve recently jumped ship from Blogger. I’ve been Blogger faithful since my time on the internet began but now it just feels clunky and outdated. I also feel that there is more of a community of political bloggers on wordpress, whereas you had to dig quite deep for them on blogger! So hello! Here I am on wordpress. 

I’m not going to tell any lies or keep any secrets about who I am. I am a Labour Party member, but I’m not a cheerleader, so don’t expect me to always support everything they do and say. Within the Labour Party, I am also a member of the LRC and the LRC Youth. Wonderful organisations to be honest, where it’s not a bad thing to be radical!

Outside of party politics, I am a member of Unite, I’m trying to be more active, but right now, I simply don’t have the time. I am also a member of Amnesty International where we push for human rights and protest against human rights infringement. 

My personal politics are a little hard to define. I am firstly, a socialist. I don’t think I need to explain why, but co-operation rather than competition seems to me like a good way to run things. I am a Marxist. I’m not one of these orthodox Marxist who believes everything he said, like it’s scripture, but all in all, I generally believe in his philosophy. I’m also a social liberal feminist. I reject the notion that women are oppressed because of men, but because of the capitalist system. I also believe in full equality and don’t believe radical feminism promotes this at all. 

All in all, I’ll take a fair look at everything going on in the world today.


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