Women and the Left: In defence of Labour

From the SWP cover up of rape allegations, to sexual harassment and manhandling of young women by stewards at a Bedroom Tax rally in May, women don’t have it easy on the left by any means. I’ve been reading a well known Scottish far-left feminist blog since it’s inception and I am horrified to read almost every week, of some draconian tale about the sexism these young women face as part of the far left. As people who advocate equality and peace for everyone, they certainly don’t practice what they preach in terms of women.

As a woman, it’s my duty to speak out against this kind of behaviour. Essentially, the author of this particular blog says that women aren’t really taken seriously and haven’t been since the 2010 Tommy Sheridan perjury trial when big names like Frances Curran were verbally assaulted and accused of being liars when they were giving evidence at the trial. This is disgusting behaviour and I really expect better of the left.

It’s the reason why I’m glad that I’ve found somewhere where it is actually safe to be a woman in politics.

Say what you want about the Labour Party. They’ve turned their back on the working class, they’ve become more right wing and more pragmatic, but one thing they don’t appear to have given up on, is given opressed groups of people a voice and that includes women. On most committees within the Labour Party, there is always a Women’s Officer. There are women’s caucauses, women’s events.

I can stand up and proudly say, as a member of the Labour Party I have never directly experienced sexism in any way. And I am proud of that.

In the Scottish Parliament, 18 out of 37 of the Labour MSPs are women. That is just under half. However, for the Nationalists, there are 17 female MSPs out of 64. I think it’s easy to see where women feel more welcome.







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