Keep your rosaries off of our ovaries

TW: Discussion of terms such as rape, abuse and torture.

Welcome to 2013, where you can book a flight from your mobile phone and go the next night. Where people are living until they’re 102. Where you can live together but not have to marry each other. Where you can even have a baby and not be married to each other-and-where a small group of narrow minded religious hacks think they can somehow change policy on abortion back to the draconian days of the 1950s. Here’s why it probably shouldn’t.

Firstly, these people claim that they are ‘pro-life’. They believe the life of the unborn child should be put above the life of the mother carrying the ‘child’.(from now on, I won’t be using the word child, but instead foetus) Because the foetus has a potential to have a future, it’s a sin to kill it. A foetus is nothing more than a collection of cells and molecules. It is not a fully formed living being. It has no awareness or consciousness of being in the womb or being alive. But the debate about when life begins is a scientific debate that I won’t get into because frankly, I don’t know enough about science to even begin to. And perhaps these pro-lifers should take a leaf out of my book. They should stop trying to debate things that they don’t know enough about. Last night, I attended the Glasgow Supports Choice counter protest to the right wing anti-abortion lobby that seems to have reared it’s ugly head in Glasgow. They were praying and holding candles for all the ‘dead babies’ that ‘died’ as a result of women undergoing abortions.

Let me ask them if they prayed for Savita Halappanavar who was died at the age of 31 because she was denied an abortion? Probably not. Do they pray for the thousands of women worldwide that die because they can’t have access to safe abortions? The pro life camp are hypocrites. They don’t care about foetuses. They care about suppressing women’s rights and going back to the 1st century where women’s decisions were made by their fathers and husbands.

Secondly, what about cases of rape and incest? When a woman becomes pregnant against her will. She didn’t CHOOSE to get pregnant. She became pregnant because someone forced her into getting pregnant. Making a woman continue with that pregnancy, is quite frankly disgusting. If a woman falls pregnant, the decision falls to her what she decides to do. If she wants to continue with said pregnancy, she is well within her rights to do so. If she wants to end the pregnancy, she also has that right.

Do Christian pro lifers pray for women that have been raped, tortured and abused through having sex?

In addition, we are not dictated to about our lives in any other way from the church, why should women be on this issue? I’m a socialist until I die, but when it comes to issues like this, I’m as liberal as they come. It shows that religion is very much a misogynistic and patriarchal institution and the pro life demonstration last night showed that.

Most of their stewards were men. Most of their speakers, were men. There were no women there of childbearing age that I could see. It was mostly people who were post-menopausal and well past the stage of making babies and schoolchildren, who had clearly been coerced into coming by their parents. I want to know why men think they can have an opinion on women’s wombs and bodies and what they do with them.

We can’t go back to the days where you would slip someone 10 guineas to stick a coat hanger up your vagina and hope for the best. We can’t go back to the days where women were dying because they couldn’t afford to have anymore children, there was no access to contraception or safe abortion. We also can’t create a culture where the lives of a bunch of cells are put above, living, sentient and amazing human beings.

Kepp your rosaries off my ovaries!


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