Happy New Year to everyone who reads this blog. The festive season is coming to an end and, like most people during the festive season, I have somewhat overindulged because it’s Christmas and lots of people got me chocolate for Christmas. So imagine my horror when I saw the above magazine on the shelves in my local shop with my boyfriend a couple of days after Christmas. We were buying something for dinner. The last thing I felt, reading it, was ‘normal’ because Now magazine’s “shocking” bodies is actually what ‘normal’ women look like. I certainly relate more to this than some airbrushed model in a magazine.

This is just another example of the way female celebrities are treated by the media and so called “women’s magazines”. Where creepy old men with cameras will intrude on said female celebrity’s privacy to try and take the dodgiest picture of her he can. It sickens me that people make their money this way, out of degrading women for having wobbly bits, or ribs that protrude from their cage. They have deliberately chosen unflattering shots of these women to tell women, in general, it’s unacceptable to look like any of these, because it’s shocking. It isn’t normal to look like this.  This is another example of the way the media, the patriarchal media, tries to control the way women look.To try and shame women into thinking they aren’t good enough.

Please do not be taken in by this utter clap trap. Please don’t buy these utterly awful magazines who shame women for being too thin or too fat. You can never win in the eyes of the media.

The thing that gets to me is that men do not get anywhere near the same amount of scrutiny or shame for what their bodies look like. Men are allowed to put on weight. If you see a photo of a man in swimming trunks in a women’s magazine, it is usually followed by some kind of sickening “Phwoooar” comment, or something equally as awful. Why can’t they say the same about women? Women have to be shamed by other women, because stereo-typically, that’s what we do. Perhaps the reason we do this, talk about other women’s bodies, is because these magazines somehow make it socially acceptable? Men don’t talk about each others bodies. They don’t write magazine features about men and how they don’t have a six pack, or if they have man boobs or whatever.

What is shocking is Now magazine’s complete disregard for the fact that women come in so many different shapes and sizes. Some women are tall. Some women are short. Some women have big boobs, some women have small boobs. We are not all the same, and the diversity of our different body sizes and shapes should be celebrated. You can’t control what your body looks like all of the time. Sometimes I wish magazines would realise this too.


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