Stop Attacking Gaza: The situation in Gaza and why we need to support the Palestinians.

You’re not going to see any reports of this in the mainstream media, because I’ve checked, and it doesn’t seem to have been reported anywhere. I’ve had a look at the main Scottish dailies in the Glasgow area and none of them have any reports of any marches happening yesterday. Because that’s what happened yesterday in Glasgow. It was originally planned as a demonstration in Buchanan Street against the biased news coverage in the BBC and our mainstream media outlets.

During the latest Israeli bombing campaign against Gaza, there have been numerous attempts by media outlets to paint Israel as the victims in this conflict. Hamas have been firing rockets into Israel for years, but these rockets are home made from the most clandestine Soviet technology, so they are far from effective. The scale of damage is incomparable and the death toll is also incomparable. So far, there have been approximately 130 deaths in Gaza and none in Israel.

The Zionist media frequently tells us that Israel has the right to defend itself from these rocket attacks. Does this mean that the Gaza Strip has a right to defend itself from Israeli imposed blockades,torture and military rule? The attacks on Israel are completely disproportionate in scale to the amount of intimidation the Palestinians have suffered at the hands of Israel.

The most recent conflict between Israel and Gaza has stemmed as a result of three Israeli young men who were kidnapped in the West Bank. Although the motives were not clear, the blame has been placed on Hamas. But as <a href=’′&gt;  this article</a> outlines, the kidnapping of the three young men was used as a scapegoat for a large scale coordinated attack on Gaza. The Israeli government knew that these three young men were dead, but conducted a ‘rescue mission’ and allowed a situation to escalate that could have been avoidable.

Ever since, Israel has conducted a bombing campaign on Gaza. This infographic below outlines the damage sustained and the lives that have been lost in only 6 days:

Whilst I have been in the process of writing this article (since earlier today) Israel have conducted a raid on a Gaza beach while their air assault continues.

This continuous campaign against Palestine cannot continue and cannot be justified. It cannot be reduced to the assertion that if Hamas stopped firing rockets into Israel it would stop violence, because it wouldn’t. It is never going to be as simple as that because the conflict in Israel and Palestine has roots in history and imperialism. Israel try to assert that Hamas is a terrorist organisation. Throughout history many organisations have been characterised as terrorist organisations. A very prominent example is Margaret Thatcher painting the ANC as a terrorist organisation.Although the ANC sometimes resorted to violence, that was the only way they could make the white supremacists take notice of them. But Republicans such as Dick Cheney refused to support a bill in 1986 that condemned the actions of white South African leaders and put sanctions on them because he did not want to be seen supporting a ‘terrorist’ organisation. The IRA, who fought for Irish republicanism and reunification conducted many bomb attacks and operated a paramilitary organisation but they were no match for the British Army, who were fighting to keep Northern Ireland as part of the UK. Hamas and Palestine is no match for Israel who have one of the biggest militaries in the world and are bankrolled by the USA to the extent of $3 Billion a year.

Yes, Hamas are guilty of using violence to achieve their aims, but the Israelis are causing most of the destruction, they are intimidating people in Gaza into leaving their houses and they continue to opress Palestinians.

Life in Gaza

Gaza has almost 1.7 million people crammed into an area that is roughly the distance between East Kilbride to Kilsyth. This makes for overcrowded living conditions and high levels of poverty. People in Gaza have been forced to live this way since Israel declared it’s statehood in 1948.

People living in Gaza are subject to blockades and trade restrictions meaning that vital infrastructure cannot be built because cement, gravel and steel are banned from entering Gaza. The Gazan economy is paralysed because only one truck of exports is allowed to leave every day. They can often be subject to power outages for up to 12 hours a day and 90% of water in Gaza is unsafe for consumption. In the West Bank, Palestinians are subject to what is essentially apartheid. While illegal Israeli settlements are connected to Israeli infrastructure, the West Bank are not. Because of the number of settlements that are springing up in the West Bank, Palestinian areas are being disconnected from each other. Palestinians are also subject to detention without reason, checkpoints and curfews and the IDF make these people’s lives a misery.

Stop Attacking Gaza Demo

Protesters gathered outside the BBC
Protesters gathered outside the BBC

The demonstration began on Buchanan Street in Glasgow with thousands of people coming out to condemn the Israeli’s treatment of Palestine. We listened to speeches and shouted chants like “Free free Palestine!” and culminated in an impromptu march to the BBC on Pacific Quay. This march was largely peaceful and ended up being so big, the Police were forced to give us an escort. When we got to the squinty bridge, we sat down and then went onwards to the BBC.

Needless to say, the demonstration did not make it on to the BBC news reports.

It is imperative that we tell as many people as possible how biased the BBC have been in their news reports of the situation in Gaza. As a state broadcaster we have the right to hold them to account when they are showing clear bias. We owe it to the people of Gaza to show as much of their suffering as possible.




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