Seeing One Direction in a new light

For some weird reason, I stumbled upon Zayn Malik’s twitter the other day and saw his ‘#FreePalestine’ tweet. I was pretty proud of him to be honest, especially since his boss Simon Cowell donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to Friends of the Israeli Defence Forces.

But what I was disappointed and horrified to see, was the number of tweets from Pro-Zionists who were sending him death threats and proclaimed they would be boycotting One Direction because of Zayn’s views on the Palestine conflict.

People forget that many Israelis want Palestine to be free. People forget there are many anti-zionist Jews such as Noam Chomsky.

The author of this article hits the nail on the head. Celebrities influence young fans. We are, contrary to people’s beliefs, seeing a whole generation of young people who are far more interested in politics because systematically young people are constantly experiencing politics as they are the people with the lowest turnout in elections. That does not make us apathetic, we just feel we have no alternative.

We see the horrible effects of politics on the young people, not just in Gaza, but in Israel too-where national service for the Israeli army is compulsory. Where is the justice?


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