Radical Independence and the MSM’s deafening silence

An observation I have made recently (recently being since work today, when I was talking to a colleague about the referendum) was the media silence over the Radical Independence Campaign (or RIC) mass canvass results. RIC have undertaken two mass canvasses in the last couple of months, and actually have some pretty interesting results from said canvassing sessions.

The first set of results from their mass canvass on the 22nd July are as follows:

  And, from their second mass canvass:

These results are so interesting because the number of people canvassed on the doorstep far exceed the sample sizes of mainstream polling organisations like IPSOS MORI and YouGov, who typically use around 1000-1200 people. Does this give a far more accurate picture of what is happening on the doorstep?

RIC canvass in less affluent areas where there is a bigger desire for change because of the problems and poverty people in these areas face.

But where is this being reported in the mainstream media? As a social scientist, I believe that this data has been collected just as accurately as a polling organisation like YouGov, IPOS and Mori. Of course the media in Scotland is quite biased towards a no vote, so, polls that show a favourable result for the status quo are often used over canvass results that show people have actually gone and spoken to voters, rather than having voters just tick a few boxes.

These kinds of results should be shown in the media more often, they have a larger sample size, they reached more people and the respondents are far more diverse in their backgrounds.

Remember, whatever information you seek, you can find. Just not in any of the main newspapers.


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