That’s it, honey I quit, I’m moving on

Blogging is something that can be quite tedious because unlike quite a lot of bloggers I can mention in the Scottish bloggersphere, I like to make sure mine are factually accurate before publishing them. I like to ensure I have evidence to back up my claims, thoughts and opinions. The Scottish political scene is becoming less and less interested in facts and evidence. It’s important then, I think, for “”””yoons”””” to keep getting their opinions out there.

I’ve enjoyed writing things for this blog in the last three years. I’ve caused a bit of controversy sometimes and there are some things I wish I had never written, but largely, I’ve just seen it as a way to get my thoughts and opinions out there, really. I didn’t expect it to go viral in August 2014 and in hindsight I really wish it hadn’t. Scottish Politics has changed so much since then, but not in the happy shiny way that the mainstream Scottish Left would have you believe. It’s becoming even more difficult to sell a vision of the future that doesn’t involve Scottish independence on the Scottish Left.

I haven’t written anything here since December, not because I don’t want to, but because it would be difficult for me to write anything that isn’t “FUCK THE SNP” ninety four times.

I’m not going to stop writing though. I’m just not going to do it on this platform anymore. I’m starting the process of taking my articles off of this blog and archiving them. From now on, my occasional musings will appear on my Medium profile ( and I’ll always be active on twitter for musings of 140 words or less.

For me, this blog isn’t what I want people to read when they read things from me because there are many things I’ve written and completely changed my mind about (for example, Scottish independence!)

So, with that, I’d like to thank you all for reading my shite for the last three years or so. I can assure you there will be more of it though. If you like, you can also follow me on twitter on @Scarlet_Lady10.

Over and out and in solidarity,



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