This is a blog about socialism, fairness, feminism and marxism. I’m just a third year politics student with somewhat radical views on the world and an idealistic outlook for everything. I’m a political theorist, I’m not too fussed about figures. I’m concerned with WHY things happen rather than HOW they happen. I try and see both sides of the coin in most political debates, I think I’m quite an understanding person in that sense, but no matter what, I will always stand my ground. I will never personally attack you, but I retain the right to attack your policies, beliefs and try to influence you to change them. Isn’t that what politics is all about after all?

Lastly I’ll say that my views on this blog and on the internet in general do not in any way represent the opinions of any organisations I am a member of unless otherwise stated. I’ll say I am a Labour Party member, not some kind of Labour party cheerleader. Whatever you think of the party, I probably wholeheartedly agree with you, but I believe Labour is the only credible alternative to what we have now.

I mean, UKIP? Really?



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