What’s in a name?

The independence referendum has left tensions running high- that was evident on Friday night when some unionist fannies took over George Square and started a bit of a fight. They were waving union flags, some of them were making Nazi salutes, some of them were violent towards women, some of them were being racist and homophobic. Some of them shouted sectarian chants of “No Surrender” and sang “The Sash”. This isn’t the Scotland we wanted to be in post-indyref. It’s not the Scotland we want to be associated with.

There’s a lot of things we need to consider over the coming weeks and months. The first one of these is our name. Like a Red Red Rose was coined as a nod to the symbol of the Labour party and as a reference to the poem by Robert Burns and it was a fairly clever reference to the Labour movement and the Scottish political arena we frequently write about.

But with the big three parties wavering over devolving additional powers to Scotland over the next few years, we are withdrawing any further support for the Labour Party, unless they can prove that they are going to fight for additional powers for Scotland.

Bear with us. Like Scottish politics is changing, we’ll be changing too.


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